foamsindia® Brand TRAVEL NECK PILLow Natural Latex

The Travel Neck Pillow lends total support to the neck region by supporting and releasing tension in the neck. This product is made from silicon polyester with an outer cover of 100% Natural rubber for a long life. The pillow is soft and spongy and can be worn around the neck while sitting or lying down. It is also convenient to use on long journeys as it offers great relief to the tense muscles. Product Dimensions------------------------ This light orange Travel Neck Pillow comes in a single standardized size which can be easily adjusted to the neck for comfort.------------- Product Benefits------------------------------------ • Soft and spongy and lends complete neck support • Convenient to use and easy to store • Ideal for those who travel a lot • Dust mite resistant and so is healthy and hygienic • Washable with a mild detergent and keeps fresh at all times
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100% PURE NATURAL LATEX Pillows size: 24 x 14 x 4" Guaranty :1 Year Package : 5Nos
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The Crystal Bed Wedge is a Multi- dimensional wedge used for different purposes like support when sitting or lying down. This wedge helps to keep the body in the right position while easing out pressure and fatigued areas. The Crystal Bed Wedge prevents pillow stacking while enhancing the person’s posture. Product Dimensions The Crystal Bed wedge has a higher end and a tapered end which could be used both ways as may be suitable. This product comes in three sizes. B: 10 inches C: 12 inches Product Benefits • Positions the body well and gives total support to the lower back and other areas. • Prevents acid reflux and relieves painful pressure points by giving ample support • This wedge can be used in the reverse under the knees to reduce discomfort in the calf and thigh region and ensures proper blood circulation. • Is hygienic to use and comes with a one year warranty
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Product Benefits • 100% Natural Latex and extra soft fabric for increased comfort • Latest pin- core technology for good buoyancy • Firm support to keep the head and neck in proper alignment • Keeps cool in Summer and warm in Winter • Non- toxic and hence is healthy and hygienic • Dust and mite resistant • Comes with a one year warranty and 10 year durability period
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foamsindia® Brands Natural Latex Multi Core Sapphire Pillows

Sapphire Pillows are increasingly comfortable as it is made from 100% Natural Latex foam that is Multi- core molded to offer good support to the head and neck regions. These pillows are highly resilient to the out side atmospheric pressure and temperature in the environment and hence maintain its buoyancy and softness at all times. Product Dimensions Sapphire pillows offer varying sizes and thickness to suit various requirements and tastes. • A: L= 53cm, B= 35cm, H=13cm • B: L= 60cm, B= 35cm, H=12cm • C: L=60cm, B= 40cm, H=15cm Product Benefits • Soft yet firm to give ample support to the neck and head • No toxic substances and hence are very safe and healthy to use • Wide variety to suit different tastes and requirements • Comes with a one year warranty and 10 years durability period
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COUNTOUR PILLOWS® Size 58cm x 38cm

Contour Pillows are ideal for those suffering from issues with the head and neck region because these pillows take on the shape of the neck arch. They are soft yet firm lending complete support to the neck and relieving it from strain and pain. Made from 100% Natural Latex, these pillows are healthy and hygienic to use and also ensures that there is proper circulation of blood to the head and neck areas. Product Dimensions Contour Pillows are offered in two different heights based on the shape of the neck and to suit different requirements • Size A: L= 58cm, B= 38cm • Size B: L= 48cm, B= 33cm Product Benefits • Soft yet firm to offer complete neck support and relieving it from pain • Greatly reduces the wear and tear in the neck region by taking the shape of the neck arch • Ensures the proper circulation of blood to the head and neck areas and relieving it from stress and pain. • Resistant to dust and microbes making it healthy and hygienic to use • One year warranty and 10 years durability period
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